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Genea Biocells and the NSW Stem Cell Network drive stem cells towards muscle disease therapies

SYDNEY, 10th March 2015: Genea Biocells’ senior scientist Dr Leslie Caron is presenting along with a stellar line up of Australian muscle researchers at the upcoming NSW Stem Cell Network workshop Stem Cells and Genetic Muscle Disorders.
The workshop brings together Australia’s top skeletal and cardiac muscle researchers to explore current and future applications of stem cells to muscle disease therapies. The viability of treatment options to each disease will be discussed including the contribution of muscle stem cells to muscle diseases, progress in transplantation therapies and the use of pluripotent cell models for screening and scalable cellular therapies.
Confirmed speakers include former senior Macquarie Bank executive and FSHD Global Research Foundation founder and chairman Bill Moss (FSHD Global), Professor Miranda Grounds (UWA), Dr James Chong (WCH), Professor Peter Currie (ARMI) and Professor Paul Gregorovic (Baker IDI).

Through a partnership with FSHD Global, Genea Biocells developed a process for production of human pluripotent cell derived skeletal muscle. The three step protocol generates a highly pure population of approximately 70 per cent skeletal muscle myotubes in just 28 days. This innovation is spurring new interest in a field that has long been dependent on suboptimal invasive muscle biopsies and is being used by world leading researchers in Europe and the USA.

We are proud to support this exciting event and showcase some of our own research. We invite anyone with an interest in muscle research or stem cell translation to register before the deadline on the 28th of March.

Registration to the NSW Stem Cell Network workshop is now open!
Monday 13th April – Darlington Centre, Sydney, Australia

We look forward to seeing you at the event and discussing how our products could benefit your research.


Genea Biocells

Genea Biocells develops disease-specific and unaffected human pluripotent stem cell lines, differentiation protocols, chemical compound libraries and culture media for use in disease modelling, research, drug development and cell therapy.

Building on extensive stem cell capabilities as well as expertise in high-content screening, assay design and chemical biology, Genea Biocells partners with scientists in industry and academia to advance research projects using stem cell-driven approaches and customized solutions for drug development.
Genea Biocells has the world’s largest private bank of pluripotent human embryonic stem cells and developed the world’s first consistent, scalable and high-yield differentiation process for functional skeletal muscle cells.

Genea Biocells is part of fertility group Genea, a public, unlisted company that has been operating world leading IVF clinics since 1985. The company has been supplying commercial stem cell solutions for 10 years, drawing on an almost 30 year research heritage within Genea.

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